SeapHOx™ Ocean CT(D)-pH-DO Sensor


The Sea-Bird Scientific SeapHOx™ combines the SeaFET™ pH sensor with the SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT CTD+DO sensor.

The Sea-Bird Scientific SeapHOxTM combines the Satlantic SeaFETTM pH sensor with the Sea-Bird Electronics SBE 37-SMP-ODO MicroCAT CTD+DO sensor. The SeapHOxTM allows for the integrated data collection of pH with the critical oceanographic and biological measurement of temperature, salinity, and oxygen. The integrated package also allows the SeaFETTM to take advantage of the SBE 37’s pumped flow path and anti-fouling technology, extending deployment durations in some cases.


  • Moored pH, Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure (optional), and Optical Dissolved Oxygen, at user-programmable 5-minute to 24-hour intervals
  • Integral pump
  • RS-232 or USB interface
  • Internal memory and batteries (can be powered externally)
  • Industry-leading conductivity cell biofouling protection
  • SeaFETCom© Windows software package (setup, data upload, and data processing)
  • Field-proven MicroCAT family, with more than 10,000 instruments deployed
  • Maximum depth 50 m (deep version available)

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