Coastal Data Buoy

Layout6Soundnine DANTE

  • Buoy controller and real-time telemetry device
  • The ability to integrate a large suite of instruments
  • Supports virtually any oceanographic or
    environmental sensor in use today
  • Iridium or GSM options available
  • User friendly
  • Self-contained, with the ability to solar power itself
    and the integrated sensors
  • Robust and waterproof; no additional buoy housing required


  • Strong and light alloy construction
  • Lifting point for hassle free deployment and recovery
  • Provisions for navigation light, radar reflector and top-mark

Closed cell foam float

  • Strong and light for impact resistance and long life.
  • Virtually unsinkable


  • Steel construction for maximum strength in all weather events
  • Protective instrument bay for near-surface sensors
  • Mooring point for custom mooring design
  • Mooring design and supply also available at Imbros

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